viernes, 8 de julio de 2016

Information about the purchase of a property

Despite the fact that the times are not the best to buy a home, what is true is that since that pricked the real estate bubble, prices have plummeted, both in sales and rental. What is true is that it seems that in 2016, is beginning to change the trend, and this may be a good time to purchase a barcelona property.

Barcelona is a very important city both in Spain and in the whole world. Its location of privilege next to the Mediterranean sea, makes it one of the preferred destinations for the tourists. Its gastronomy, the cultural offer and the impact of his football team have become a bellwether in recent years. The boom began with the 1992 Olympic Games, which were an organizational success, and are currently considered some of the best of the whole story.

But what is certain is that its cosmopolitan character and its pleasant climate makes it one of the most expensive cities in houses as local to put business. Obviously, there are differences between neighborhoods, but there are usually scratching the pocket if you want to find something decent with a good surface. Before choosing a property or another, there are that know the city well to know what are the pros and cons of one area or another. In the case of being able to dedicate a good amount of money for the reform, the prices go down in the older buildings, but not exempt of charm. Also, in a city with temperatures as high as Barcelona and the pollution that accumulates especially in the centre, are highly valued terraces. This increases the price a lot, but they are also very desired, and may allow us to increase the quantities to order for the rent in case you want to trade with the real property.

Obviously, it is always advisable to deal directly with the seller. That will be a considerable decline of the final amount, because it saves a good amount of money if we avoid all middlemen as possible. Anyway, yes you need to make a series of formalities, and before you sign anything there is to know the state of charges of the property. It's nothing complicated and simply refer to it in the Registry of the Property. Also you should know exactly what are the fees to pay and the Property Tax. In the same way, it is imperative to have the certificate of habitability and the energy certificate of the dwelling.

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